The Most Interesting Golfer In The League


I don’t always win the league, but when I do, I win the Lopez sombrero too

Congrats to Jeff on his 2nd league championship.

Final results and standings are attached.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you’re not returning to the league next year so we can find a replacement.
Otherwise, we look forward to see you all next year – including the triumphant return of Elliot.

Rolling Into Championship Week

We’re all set for the final the final week of golf.
You would think it was only Jeff, Mike & Lance in the running to win the championship, but as best as I could tell, everyone from Gary on up in the standings has a chance to win.
Never give up guys, never gonna give you up !

Prizes will be as follows:
First Place: $312
Second Place: $130
Third Place: $52
Fourth Place: $26

Super skins this week will be, in order, 12, 13, 18, 16, 15, 1 1, 17, 14, 10.

If you’re not able to make it this week please let me know.
Subs golf for free this week and would like to offer that to the guys who helped us build $520 prize money – Jerry, Barry, Tony, Chris, etc. . .

What isn’t set is the afterparty.
We can either go to Jeff’s house or back to Pasquales.
I have setup an online poll to take a vote on this :
So please let me know what you think so we can plan accordingly.

Poor Man’s Payne Stewart


This week’s sheet is attached.

This is the last week of golf before Championship Week.
Oddly enough, it could be a preview of next week’s matches, at least at the top.
#1 Jeff v #2 Lance and #3 Tom v #4 Mike P

I know Jim won’t be here this week, as well as Elliot ūüôĀ

Please advise if anyone else will be AWOL.

There Is Nothing Wrong With Your Television Set

Do not attempt to adjust the picture.


Mike did shoot a 34 …

We need subs for Elliot and probably Erik … er, I mean Lance.
Please advise if anyone else will be out.

There are three more weeks of golf – tomorrow, 09.02, next Wednesday the 9th, and then Championship week on the 16th.
So plan accordingly …

Annual Camp Johnston Scramble

2015-07-01 16.19.16

Erik’s So Stoned On Colorado Gold He Can’t Open His Eyes ….


Next week’s sheet is attached.
That’s right – next week’s – this week is our Annual Camp Johnston Scramble.
When the cat’s away the mice will play.
That’s right – I just called the Johnston’s pussies.
The following won’t be there this week:
Tom Walsh
Jeff Johnston
Scott Johnston
Elliot Foon (get well soon!)
Mike E. Mares

I only know of one sub booked so far – Barry Blake
So we need 4 more

Once we have the subs lined up we will set the scramble teams

It’ll cost everybody $10 (everybody . . . bring some money Abe!) $8 will go into the scramble purse, $2 for greenies

Greenies must be natural – not a team effort

Scramble purse : winner takes all

Let’s Talk About Subs

2015-07-01 18.36.34OK, let’s talk about subs.
We need to do a better job coordinating them.
We had 4 subs a few weeks ago.
We collected $40.
Unfortunately, we only needed 2 of them.
So I had to go and pay for 2 rounds of golf.
Cost us $40.
So the league purse netted $0.
Which ain’t no skin off my ass … I won’t see a dime of it.
But does affect, as of last week, Jim, Lance, Jeremy & Jeff¬†…

I know Mike – Barry didn’t tell you he was in.
And Gramps is Gramps.
And we love having them all.
Let’s just communicate better going forward please.

That being said, as far as I know, we only need one sub for this week so far – Lance.
Please advise if anyone else is not going to be able to make it this week.

Sheet’s attached.

Also – next week – July 29th – is the week of Camp Johnston which means it will also be the week of our annual scramble.

Oh yeah, the website is up now as well

Slaughter The Fattened Calf!


The Prodigal Son Returns.
Mike E is out but Erik Phillips returns, complete with his 2014 Championship shirt (I hope).

I am finally in sync – all scores and results have been posted.
If you we in games last week you owe $10 for last week and $10 for this week (I did not automatically deduct anything from you envelopes, those of you who got them).

Please notify us if you are not able to attend the feast and we will have the servants summon others to stand in your stead¬†to celebrate Erik’s homecoming.

Week 7


This week’s sheet is attached.

Jeff Johnston’s out – Dan Mares is in.
Please advise if anyone else will be absent – I think Craig has someone lined up to sub.

Also, Craig, you’re playing Lance who needs to be in the 1st or 2nd group out so please do what you can to be there, ready to go.

Thank you.

Week 5

2012-10-03 18.02.58

This week’s sheet is attached.
And it’s accurate, unlike last week’s – I didn’t indicate which hole was the SuperSkin
It was #14.
Which was good news for Gary.

I know we need three subs : Lance, Mike E. & Joe.
Please advise if any others

1 2 3 4 17