2014 Cuando Campeonato Cry Duffs


A few notes as we head into the final week of the season:

Sheet’s attached. Please try to be on time – I would like to for once put the pairings out in the order they are on the sheet. They are in reverse order of the current standings. I am going under the assumption that Eric will not be joining us. I have therefore matched the golfers that I expect to be there up with each other to make it more interesting.

The other reason to be timely is that if we drag ass, we’ll run out of sunlight!

As he has in the past few years, Jeff Johnston has graciously offered to host the get together afterwards at his house. Or to be more accurate Katie’s been the gracious host. Plan on throwing some ducats Jeff’s way for food and drinks. Your wives are welcome as well.

There we will tally the final scores to determine the 2014 Champion as well the 2015 Lopez.

In addition to Eric not being there, Scotty has also said he won’t be able to golf  this week as well (hopefully he can make the afterglow for the ceremonial passing of the sombrero). Since we don’t charge subs for the final week I generally like to offer it to the subs that have contributed the most throughout the year. So before I make a public offering, please reach out to Ben Kaplan and Jerry Durst to see if they are interested; I will check with Tony Snow & Rob Chlipala.

Speaking of contributions, this years prizes are as follows
First Place: $288
Second Place: $120
Third Place: $48
Fourth Place: $24

See you all on Wednesday . . . weather permitting of course.