Let’s Talk About Subs

2015-07-01 18.36.34OK, let’s talk about subs.
We need to do a better job coordinating them.
We had 4 subs a few weeks ago.
We collected $40.
Unfortunately, we only needed 2 of them.
So I had to go and pay for 2 rounds of golf.
Cost us $40.
So the league purse netted $0.
Which ain’t no skin off my ass … I won’t see a dime of it.
But does affect, as of last week, Jim, Lance, Jeremy & Jeff …

I know Mike – Barry didn’t tell you he was in.
And Gramps is Gramps.
And we love having them all.
Let’s just communicate better going forward please.

That being said, as far as I know, we only need one sub for this week so far – Lance.
Please advise if anyone else is not going to be able to make it this week.

Sheet’s attached.

Also – next week – July 29th – is the week of Camp Johnston which means it will also be the week of our annual scramble.

Oh yeah, the website is up now as well