Annual Camp Johnston Scramble

2015-07-01 16.19.16

Erik’s So Stoned On Colorado Gold He Can’t Open His Eyes ….


Next week’s sheet is attached.
That’s right – next week’s – this week is our Annual Camp Johnston Scramble.
When the cat’s away the mice will play.
That’s right – I just called the Johnston’s pussies.
The following won’t be there this week:
Tom Walsh
Jeff Johnston
Scott Johnston
Elliot Foon (get well soon!)
Mike E. Mares

I only know of one sub booked so far – Barry Blake
So we need 4 more

Once we have the subs lined up we will set the scramble teams

It’ll cost everybody $10 (everybody . . . bring some money Abe!) $8 will go into the scramble purse, $2 for greenies

Greenies must be natural – not a team effort

Scramble purse : winner takes all