When Duffs Cry : G’mar Hatimah Tovah

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For those out of the loop, we do not golf today in recognition of Yom Kippur.

Next week is the final week of the league – championship week!
Points are doubled (48) as well as counting for two weeks.
The pairings are based on the standings, with the leaders going out in the last group.
So please be on time so we don't have to shuffle the lineup any and maximize the drama.

Immediately following golf next week we will be gathering at Jeff & Katie Johnston's for an afterglow, with food & drink, an airing of the grievances and to settle up the prize money:

1st place: $204 + Champion's shirt
2nd place: $85
3rd place: $34
4th place: $17

If you are not able to make it – and I hope you all can – please let us know so we can book subs.
Subs will lay for free since the prize money has already been set so I would like to extend the free rounds to those who helped build the prize money : Mike Jr., Robert Regan, Tony Snow, Elliot's buddy David, etc . . . 

Now back to your regularly scheduled atonement . . . L'Shana Tovah!