Each weekly match is worth 24 points
Points will be determined by the Handicapped Scoring System
There will be 2 points available on each hole
6 points awarded for having the lowest net score for the match

The Handicapped Scoring System
Each player will have two handicaps assigned, one for the front nine and one for the back nine, based on the 80% rule
Example :
Your average score is 95
95-72 = 23
23 x 0.80 = 18

Your opponent ‘s average is 90
90-72 = 18
18 x 0.80 = 14

18 – 14 = 4

Your opponent gets 4 stokes on the 4 hardest handicapped holes

Because the low handicappers don’t like the high handicappers taking all the prize money the handicap will have a 18 point cap


Your handicap to begin the season will be based on last years handicap
If you are a new player to the league, you will be given a beginning handicap on good faith.

Absent Scoring

If your opposition is absent, you will be golfing against your average based on your handicap

Example :
If you are a 6 handicap playing the fron 9 your will be scored against par plus 6 strokes on the lowest handicapped holes


If your total score is less than your “opponent’s” you get the 6 point bonus
If your total score is the same as your “opponent’s” you split the 6 point bonus
If your total score is more than your “opponent’s” you get no bonus points

If you are absent – you earn no points


If you are unable to make your scheduled golf you can arrange to pre-golf.
It is pre-golf; there is no post-golf.
Pre-golf must be completed before the original scheduled tee-time.
In order to have your score count towards the league standings you must arrange to golf with/against your scheduled opponent for that week.
You must notify Joe prior so they can contact Rackham and arrange your pre-golf tee-time.
Pre-golf scores under the above conditions will count toward league standings and for “Skins” and “Putts” contests.
Pre-golf is not eligible for “Greenies”

Championship / Prizes

The league is scheduled for 20 weeks. 1 week will be a league scramble and the last week will be “position” night.

To be eligible for prize money you will be required to have golfed a minimum of 13 of the first 18 weeks. The league standing will be based upon points per week – not the total points accrued. This will permit you to miss a week or two and not be screwed because you didn’t accrue points.

One week of the season will be set aside for a league scramble.
Teams will be determined by matching the best golfer with the worst golfer based first on handicap, then on current standings and last by average putts.
There will be no skins or putts for the scramble.
Every player will put $5.00 into a purse that will be split 75% / 25% between the first and second place teams in the scramble.

The final week of the season will be a ‘Position’ Night
The first place golfer matched against the second place, etc.
Points for this night will be doubled (48)
The final week will counts as 2 weeks for the average points per week calculation

The Prize Money will be awarded as follows:

1st Place: 60%
2nd Place: 25%
3rd Place: 10%
4th Place: 5%

Prize money will be comprised of the $10 initial fee plus accrual of the $10 substitute fee

$40 will be withheld from the purse to purchase a shirt for the league champion


Skins : $5.00

The skins will also be based on the aforementioned handicap system to encourage participation by the shitty golfers too
If no skins are won that week, they will roll over to the next week
Subs are not allowed to get into skins

Greenies : $2.00

There are 2 par 3s on both front and back nine

If greenies are won on both par 3’s, the prize is split equally
If only 1 par 3 is hit, that person gets the entire prize
Par or better to win greenie – no handicap applied
If no greenies are won that week, they will roll over to the next week
Subs are allowed to participate in greenies

Putts : $1.00

Given to the putter with the lowest number of putts
Putt is defined by being on the green
On the fringe or using your putter for any other shot is not considered a putt
The money will be split in the case of a tie.
Putts will not carry from week to week
Subs are allowed to participate in putts
As a league member you can participate in any, all or none of the games

Local Rules

Winter Rules will be in play – i.e. – ball can be rolled over with club head.
This does not allow you to pick the ball up, twist the grass into a tee and then whack it . . . You know who you are.

All putts should be holed out unless conceded by your opponent (usually within the leather of the grip).

If your swing is impeded by a fence you may move the ball one club length from the fence without penalty

You will be assessed a stroke penalty for hitting your ball out of bounds to the left on hole # 15. You are to move your ball to a spot inbounds, no closer to the hole.


Any disputes will be settled by George Johnston I and Joe Mares and their decision will be final. If George & Joe can not agree, Jerry Durst will break the tie.

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