Week One – Game On!

If I trust the weatherman we should be on for tomorrow.

This week’s sheet is attached. (Still looking for a handicap for Allan Quail.)
We will be going off the back nine.

Schedule for the season is posted online : http://whenduffscry.com/schedule.htm
(Still working on the rest of the items on the website)

For those paying attention you’ll notice there is nothing on the schedule for 06.24.09.
A new holiday celebrating Uwe Krupp’s birthday ?. No, but that would be cool.
No, that is the day scheduled for the league scramble.
It will also be “Hawaiian Shirt Day”
Anyone who shows up in a Hawaiian Shirt will be treated to free hamburgers, hot dogs and soda.
That is also the day Rackham has scheduled for their “Customer Appreciation Day“.

If you are not able to make it tomorrow let me know and we’ll try to find a sub for you.

Week 1 – Postponed ??

I just got a call from Rackham – there will be no carts allowed today – apparently the course is that wet.
Rackham said if we wanted to postpone to next week that would be fine them.

Brother Mike & I are in Florida, so I would be a poor judge of the conditions up there.
If it’s that wet they won’t allow carts, it’s gonna be a miserable walk.

Someone make a decision so I can let Rackham know.

I await your responses.

When Duffs Cry – Week 1

Good morning;

First, welcome to the new members this year:
Scott Johnston
Eric Wizenberg
Brent Bortman
Ben Kaplan
Allan Quail

This week’s sheet is attached, incomplete as it is . . . still looking for a handicap for Allan Quail.

Please note the change this year – you now have a “front” handicap and “back” handicap.
If you were in the league last year I plugged your scores in to generate your front/back handicaps.
Otherwise, your handicap is based on the information provided and will be generated as your scores are posted.

Still working on the website – www.whenduffscry.com – got side tracked giving brother Mike floating lessons.

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