The Trees Looked Better Than The Fairways

2015-05-06 17.33.49

Week one is in the books.
Good to see everyone again.

A special welcome to the two new members – Abe Gershonowicz – The Sausage King Of Detroit – and Lance Cousins, this season’s Jeff Katowsky.

This week’s sheet is attached.

The website has been updated, as much as it’s going to be at least.

I have rejiggered (<-spelled correctly!) the schedule to accommodate 14 players.
We’re going to try and send off threesomes in the 1st 2 groups to help with the flow so please let me know when you’re not coming so we can arrange the groups accordingly.
As well as try and find a sub for you.

’til tomorrow

Dusty Clubs

Time to dust off your sticks and tee it up!dd4HXBy_
Best as I can tell, we are currently at 14 players:
Joe Mares
Lance Cousins *
Craig Phillips
Elliot Foon
Abe (?) *
Gary Reizian
Jeremy Gershonowicz
Mike E. Mares
Jeff Johnston
Scott Johnston
Tom Walsh
Nir Saar **
Jim Stark **
Mike P Mares **
* New for 2015
** Please visit the clubhouse before you tee off
Sheet’s attached.
I have pitted Lance v. Abe.
I don’t have handicaps for either so I have them as 12’s to start.
We can change that as needed, and it will change once they have some scores in the book.


When Duffs Cry : Week -9

I knew was forgetting to do something:Gold Mountain Golf Course
Send Email About Golf League

The first week of golf is
Wednesday, May 6th

Your payment
20 weeks @ $20 per week = $400

is due into
Rackham Golf Course
10100 W 10 Mile Road,
Huntington Woods, MI 48070
(248) 543-4040

Wednesday April 1st, 2015

In theory, we currently stand at 15 members
I assume Eric Phillips hasn’t been thrown out of Colorado . . . yet

So we need 1 more to round out our 16

Please let me know if you are not able to return for this year and we
(Jeff Johnston)
will find a replacement

til then

2014 Cuando Campeonato Cry Duffs


A few notes as we head into the final week of the season:

Sheet’s attached. Please try to be on time – I would like to for once put the pairings out in the order they are on the sheet. They are in reverse order of the current standings. I am going under the assumption that Eric will not be joining us. I have therefore matched the golfers that I expect to be there up with each other to make it more interesting.

The other reason to be timely is that if we drag ass, we’ll run out of sunlight!

As he has in the past few years, Jeff Johnston has graciously offered to host the get together afterwards at his house. Or to be more accurate Katie’s been the gracious host. Plan on throwing some ducats Jeff’s way for food and drinks. Your wives are welcome as well.

There we will tally the final scores to determine the 2014 Champion as well the 2015 Lopez.

In addition to Eric not being there, Scotty has also said he won’t be able to golf  this week as well (hopefully he can make the afterglow for the ceremonial passing of the sombrero). Since we don’t charge subs for the final week I generally like to offer it to the subs that have contributed the most throughout the year. So before I make a public offering, please reach out to Ben Kaplan and Jerry Durst to see if they are interested; I will check with Tony Snow & Rob Chlipala.

Speaking of contributions, this years prizes are as follows
First Place: $288
Second Place: $120
Third Place: $48
Fourth Place: $24

See you all on Wednesday . . . weather permitting of course.

Golf While The Golfing’s Good

Another week, another leader on top.
Jeff now has the target and there is plenty of folks within striking distance.

Also – I was in such a hurry last week that I failed to give Pete his props for his eagle on # 7 from week 13. It not only scored him a skin (and pimped Tommy out of one) it got him a superskin as well.

If you are not able to make it please let me know and we’ll chase a sub for you.
But you should really find the time to get out – the other shit will be there when you get back.

On a sad note, long time league sub Robert Regan passed away suddenly last Thursday.


Rest assured, he’s now playing the finest courses available.

See ya tomorrow.

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