Back In the High Life


Team Cumograph, 2014

OK, for the record, Nir has not been eliminated. I had marked as absent for week 3 when in fact he was here. So he has 7 weeks, not 6, on the books. That’s the good news for him. The bad news for him is by adding that extra week it has cut into his lead substantially.

Also, Gary has not been eliminated yet either. He is on the bubble, but still eligible to defend his title. He has 5 weeks on the books. We have 8 weeks of golf left. Remember, however, that the last week counts as 2 weeks so 5+8+1=14, the minimum needed to be eligible for year end standings.

Harry & Jeff Katkowsky, however, are eliminated.

Speaking of Jeff Katkowsky, he will not be there this week. Nor will Erik Phillips so we’re looking for a couple subs . . .

Sheet’s attached

Poker Face

Next time you have a poker game with Jeremy please let me know . . . I’d love to play against him.

2014-08-06 18.23.33

“The supercop story… was working. Okay? It was working, and you guys just messed it up. Okay? I’m trying to figure you guys out, but I haven’t yet. But it’s cool. You fuck up a perfectly good lie.”


Jeff Katkowsky is out this week.
Please advise if anyone else.

Thank you.

Back To Normal

The results of the scramble were:

Tony / Joe : 36
Erik / Mike E. : 38
Elliot / Jeff Chambers : 39
Gary / Jeff Katkowsky : 40
Nir / Mike J : 42
Pete / Rob : 43
Mike P. / Derek : inc.

So not only did I get golf lessons all afternoon from Dr. Snow, I got $56 to boot!
Erik did manage to snag himself the only greenie

Thanks to all that participated.

This week’s sheet is attached

Jeff Katkowsky & Harry have already bowed out for this week.
Please advise if anyone else will be AWOL.


Scramble With Freinds

Next week’s sheet is attached.
Why not this week’s ?
Because it’s Scramble Week here @ WDC!

As we do every year in honor of the Johnston Family reunion we will have our scramble this week.
As far as I know, the following will be AWOL this week

  • Tom Walsh
  • Jeff Johnston
  • Scott Johnston
  • Jeremy Gershonowicz

So we need at least 4 subs
Once we have the subs lined up we will set the scramble teams

  • It’ll cost everybody $10 (everybody . . . bring some money Elliot) $8 will go into the scramble purse, $2 for greenies
  • Greenies must be natural – not a team effort
  • Scramble purse : winner takes all

Scramble with Friends



The Rainbow Connection

Our SuperSkin cherry has been popped and we have a new Lopez leader.
And he even looks the part.

This week’s sheet is attached.

I already have a sub lined up for tomorrow.
All I need now is to know who’s spot he’s taking!
Please advise if you are not going to be able to make it tomorrow.

One last thing – Nir should be joining us tomorrow.
Please remember, with his recent revelation, he has asked to be referred to by the effeminate version of his name which, of course, is “Nir”

Work On Your Follow Through

This week’s sheet is attached.
Thanks to brother Mike for his bag work last week.
The money worked out t the penny.

I know Jeff Johnston is out this week.
I think Mike E. is still out as well.
There are probably others, I just don’t remember.
Please advise.

Tommy – you need to work on your follow through:

Week 6

flagsThis week’s sheet is attached.

I know at least Mike E, Gary, Harry & Joe (hey, that’s me!) won’t be there this week.
I’m sure there were others who told me they won’t be there this week, but fuck if I can remember.
Oh, probably Jeff Katkowsky too; he never shows up!
Let me know.
Also, for those who are not branches in the Johnston family tree, plan on our annual Scramble for July 23rd.
Otherwise, I’ll see you on the 9th.



I’m not sure what bothers me the most. The fact that it’s going to rain tomorrow. Or the fact they are targeting ads to me for 50+ year-old women. Scratch that, I do know.

I know Jeff Katkowsky is not going to be there tomorrow. In fact, I’m not sure Jeff Katkowsky even exists; I think he is the league’s Keyser Söze. Irregardless, Jim Stark already has a sub lined up for him. Please advise if anyone else needs a sub.

Otherwise, we’ll see you tomorrow.

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