Week 2

For those that missed last week’s championship ceremony, here’s the highlights:


Yeah, that was fun.

This week’s sheet is attached.

I know Jeff Katowsky is out this week – I think Jerry Durst will be subbing for him.

Provided we golf at all, considering the weather.
Stay tuned to this bat channel.

The Voice Of The Turtle, Take II

The turtle is planning another concert tomorrow.singing flying turtle
Updated sheet is attached.

We will need some subs – the following won’t be there tomorrow:

  • Jeff Johnston
  • Scott Johnston
  • Tom Walsh
  • Jeff Katkowsky
  • Harry Kezelian

The only sub booked so far is Bob Zurmuehlen

So if you have anyone itching to golf let them/me know

Thank you


The Voice Of The Turtle

“For, lo, the winter is past”

Golf starts this week.
Winter rules will be in effect: snow boots are allowed, but must be spikeless.

As discussed at the fall league meeting, we are adding a new game to the lineup this year : Super Skins.
Here’s how that will work:

  • If you get into skins you are eligible to get into the Super Skin.
  • Cost is $2.00.
  • One hole will be selected each week (they’ve already been random picked).
  • If you win a skin on that specific hole you not only win the traditional skin money, you will also win the Super Skin money.
  • If no one wins a skin on that hole, the money will rollover to the following week.

So if you wish to participate in all the games this year (which, as always, is optional), the total will be $10 – $5 Skins, $2 Greenies, $2 Super Skins, $1 Putts.

Speaking of money, those of you who haven’t paid for your golf yet (and based on the last list I received from Rackham, that was most of you) will need to pay before you go out this week. So please get there early so we’re not waiting for you on the tee for you as you sweat your credit card going through.

Besides, if your late you will miss the annual tradition of last years champion – Gary Reizian – receiving his Championship shirt. Since Mike P. won’t be there this week Jeff Johnston, as the only past Champion still in the league will have the honor of presenting it to him.

Oh yeah, Mike P won’t be there this week. Neither will Harry, this week or next. So if you have anybody interested in subbing let them know.

“The rain is over and gone”
This all probably for naught – based on the current forecast, there’s a 60% chance of rain.

“And the voice of the turtle is heard in our land”
And it has a French accent



4 Weeks and Counting

Just 4 weeks until our first week of golf – 04.30.14

As it stands right now, we have 15 members

The Dirty Dozen:
Elliot Foon
Nir Saar
Mike P. Mares
Jim Stark
Harry Kezelian
Joe Mares
Jeremy Gershonowicz
Tom Walsh
Gary Reizian
Mike E. Mares
Scott “Lopez” Johnston
Jeff Johnston

And The Three (new) Amigos:
Craig Phillips
Erik Phillips
Peter Brown
. . . so we need one more so that there is balance in the world.

I should have old information on Pete, but need a starting handicap for Craig & Erik please.

If you haven’t paid Rackham yet, for fuck sakes, pay them please!
Big Jim is no longer there so I am not sure how much of our bullshit they will put up with . . .

’til then

6 Weeks ’til Golf

Good evening all

6 weeks until we start golfing.
If the snow is gone.
Your payments were due into Rackham on the 14th.
I’m sure you all got them in right on time.
We ave 2 new members this year – Pete Brown & Erik Phillips.
We need two more to avoid the return TUG (The Unknown Golfer) so please advise if you have any suggestions.
Actually, it’s more like 2-1/2 – Keith Hunt has expressed interest in becoming a regular sub.
Also, if anyone is looking to get there brackets on, i run a little office pool you’re welcome to join – $5 per bracket – www.nc2apool.net
’til then

‘Til Next Year

Congrat’s to Gary for squeezing out a victory last Wednesday
The final stats and standings are on the website (website ? We have a website?)

Enjoy the winter and we’ll be in touch in the spring.
Please let me know, however, if you think you are not returning next year so we can start chasing a replacement.

Be good.

20130612_162429_W 10 Mile Rd_1_bestshot-MOTION

Is that a smooth swing or what? And that was just the practice swing !

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